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Photo Schedule

2019 Pictures with Dan Rother Photography

 Pictures for Traveling Softball and Baseball will be

April 24th Wed and April 25 Thursday

at Hastings High School - West End of COMMONS AREA


Please have your team arrive 15 minutes PRIOR to their picture time so they can get organized and start at the SCHEDULED time!


In-House Softball pictures will be scheduled for June

Scheduling a Picture Time

1.  Flip "Edit" switch at the top of the page.
2.  Select "Edit" on the table for the date you want to reserve.
3.  Put your information in the correct row of the table.
4.  Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the window.

When reserving a picture time, please specify your sport (S for softball & B for baseball) then age level (10U), for example B9U and coach.

If you have problems please contact Melanie Peters at 651-214-5037.

April 24, Wednesday at High School Commons-West end

Time Team Coach
EXAMPLE S12U Anderson
4:45 B13AA Plank
5:00 B11AAA Stoffel
5:15 B10AA Blue Viall
5:30 B14AA Peine
5:45 B10A Gold Reuter
6:00 B11A Terhark
6:15 B10AA Gold Strain
6:30 S12U White Meyer
6:45 S12U Blue Strain
7:00 S8U Blue Hays
7:15 S8U Gold Wagner
7:30 S10U White McNamara
7:45 S10U Gold McTague
8:00 B14/15A kaiser

April 25, Thursday at High School Commons-West end

Time Team Coach
EXAMPLE B11U Best Coach
5:15 S10U Blue Odman
5:30 B 12A Gold Bauer
6:00 B 9AA Hendrickson
6:15 S12U Gold Gessner
6:30 B11AA Svoboda
6:45 B12A Blue Dohman
7:00 B15AAA Stoffel
7:15 B10A Blue Hedeen
7:30 B13A Ruiz
7:45 B12AA Sherry
8:00 B13AAA Hendrickson

TBD- In House Photos, Middle School

Time Team Coach
5:30 Rookie 1
5:45 Rookie 2
6:00 TBall 1
6:15 TBall 2
6:30 TBall 3
6:45 TBall 4