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Travel Baseball


  • Travel Baseball Registration: January 8th thru February 28th


You MUST complete the HYAA DIBS Volunteer Agreement Registration first

Jason Stoffel

Travel Baseball Director

Phone: 6519831451


MARCH 18TH-19TH-25TH-26TH:

  1. 6PM-9PM - All Four Nights-Working on Age Group Days and Times - 
  2. 1.5 Hour Increments for age groups
    1. Parents: Please know groups may go faster so plan to come back sooner than the end time.
  3. Hastings Middle School Gym
  4. Tryouts are closed for all parents

March 18th and 19th (Hitting, Infield, Running)

  • 10U thru 14U: Working on Times

March 25th and 26th (Hitting & Outfield)

  • 10U thru 14U: Working on Times


Metro Baseball is the organization that the Traveling Baseball program plays under. There are rules that must be followed for each age group as determined by the league. More information can be found on Metro Baseball's website.


Players must be in the 3rd grade to play Traveling Baseball. Traveling Baseball has divisions for 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U(VFW), and 18U (Legion). Players will try-out with other players in their grade or birth year unless they are too old to play with that age group and must play the level they registered for unless approved by Travel Director. See the Traveling Baseball Age Requirements table below for exceptions.

9U 3rd
10U 4th
11U 5th
12U 6th
13U 7th
14U 8th
15U 9th
VFW 10th
Legion 11/12th


a) Players in their respective age groups must not reach the next age before May 1.

Example ... If a player in 7th grade is 14 years old on or before May 1, that player must play in the 14U division.

b) Players born after May 1st may choose between playing with their grade or playing with their birth year.

Example... If a player in 7th grader turns 13 after May 1st he may elect to play at the 12U level or with his grade which would be the 13U level.


Teams are divided into three classes: AAA, AA, and A. The AAA class competes at the highest possible level of play. Players selected to play at the AAA level are focused, have good attitudes, already have good knowledge of the game, and can compete with other players at this level. Players selected to play the the AA level should also be focused and have good attitudes, but could benefit by not playing at the AAA level at this time. Players in the A level still compete to the best of their abilities, but are not ready to compete at the higher levels.



Coaches for the AAA teams will be picked before the try-outs, pending on their player making that team. Coaches for the AA and A teams may be selected prior to try-outs, if the coach does not have a player trying out for that age group. Otherwise, coaches are selected after the try-outs. If you are interesting in coaching, please fill out the coaching forms and disclosure form at registration.


Players that drop after March 1st WILL NOT be eligible for a refund. Please refer to the refund policy on the information flyer for complete details.


The coach will determine when and how often the team will practice. Players are expected to make practices. Players need to contact their coach when they cannot make a practice or game.


Coaches will provide a game schedule. Game schedules and results are also kept on the web at Metro Baseball Leagues website. Follow the links on the page.

Parents are responsible for getting players to the games. Try to carpool with other families when you cannot get your child to the game. Please don't rely on the coach to get your player to the game.


Each team will be reimbursed one tournament, up to $400,  included in the HYAA fee. Additional tournaments will be scheduled at the teams expense. Tournament plans will be posted as soon as available. Teams that qualify for MBT state tournament will also have the tournament fee paid for by HYAA. Gate fees are an additional team fee. Please note HYAA does not pay for MBT if the team does not qualify and all fees for Gopher and MSF are the responsibility of the team even with an earned bid.


Every team makes the play-offs at the end of the season. Please try to schedule your vacations after the play-off season, so that there are enough players to participate in playoffs.


Players, coaches, parents, and spectators are expected to follow the HYAA Code Of Conduct. If any issues arise, please inform the traveling director during the season.