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Hastings Youth Athletic Association

Hastings Green Team Recycling program

Thank you to everyone for contributing your recycling materials.
The City of Hastings and Tennis Sanitation have teamed up to offer an exciting program designed to involve youth groups to help increase the recycling of mixed papers throughout the community!
As a reward for these efforts, youth groups will receive $15/ton for all the mixed papers collected in the recycling box during their three month block of time. On average, groups who participate earn $500-600, depending on the amount of time and effort they put into the recycling program. 
Additionally, the group is recognized as the “Youth Green Team” by the Hastings City Council and Tennis Sanitation.

Claiming DIBs

There has been some questions on how to claim DIBs.  Here are some directions:

1. Log in to NGIN using the account you used to register your child.  If you do not have an account, you must create one.
2. Click on the DIBs tab on the top of the website.
3. Click on session.  You do not have to play baseball to claim DIBs under the baseball session and vise versa.
4. If nothing shows up, change the date range on the top of the list and press "Filter Dibs".
5. Click on the dib item name (shown in blue) and another window will show.  Click on the "Claim this DIB Item" button.